5 Minute Manicure

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5 minute manicure

In our busy contemporary life finding time for oneself is very difficult therefore it is no wonder that many women do not have the time to invest into caring for smaller details of their image, such as the hands and nails.

The way our hands look can speak volumes about us, about who we are, our character and personality. They are often a factor in other people’s first impression of us. This is why we should strive to keep them in good shape. If you don’t have an hour to spare on such minute details, don’t despair! There are ways to get your hands in shape for just 5 minutes.

5 minutes are more than enough to give the tips of your fingers a nice look and feel confident throughout the day. Using lighter nail polish nuances, you can work wonders in just a couple of minutes. These natural tones are recommended, because they don’t show imperfections such as peeling, cracking or smudging as much as the brighter and more vibrant colors do.

Apply the first coat of polish. This should take about 2 minutes. Wait for it to dry for about one minute and apply the second coat. Of course you should mind your hands for a few more minutes after that, because 2-ply nail polish is whimsy and needs more than 5 minutes to dry completely. Be careful not to damage it while you’re getting dressed for example.

If you can spare 10 minutes for your manicure, the procedure is almost the same. First apply a clear base for the nail polish in order to protect the nails and make your polish more durable. This takes about a minute, after which you should let this base coat dry. After that, repeat the application of two coats of polish as directed above and finalize with a top layer of nail hardener. This will take no more than two minutes but will keep your manicure for longer and give it extra shine.

If you have the considerable 15 minutes for hand care try French manicure. Apply base for one minute and allow one minute for drying. Apply a thin and delicate layer of white polish on the tip of your nails, following their natural curves. This should take around 5 minutes. In the next 5 minutes apply two coats of clear, nude or pale pink polish. Let dry for about a minute and finish with the nail hardener, which will provide shine to your manicure.