5 Rules of Pedicure


Pedicure is essential if you want your feet to look good. This is why every woman should know the basic laws of pedicure.

1. The first of them is that pedicure is done only after the feet have been washed and/or soaked. For best results use a foot bath. You can soak the feet in a regular basin of water to which you have added some sea salt and lavender essential oil.

2. The second law of pedicure relates to the hygiene of the tools you use to work on your feet. The sponge, foot file and pedicure kit should be kept in a clean, dry place. When using metal tools it is advisable to disinfect them before and after each use with a cotton ball dipped in alcohol.

3. The third law of pedicure concerns nail shaping. They have to be clipped or better yet filed not into an oval, but into a straight shape. The toe cuticles should not be cut, but only tucked in with a wooden or bamboo stick.


4. The fourth law is about the choice of nail polish. Do not polish your nails in the winter. Allow them to breathe at least then. In the summer, nail polish will protect the nails from dust and debris as well as accidents. For best results choose colors close to nature – pink, nude or clear. If you are bent on a more vibrant color, be careful not to have it peel, because cracks and small defects are more visible in such colors.

5. When you apply polish to your toe nails make sure to separate them with a toe separator or cotton balls. This will prevent smudging and will allow polish to dry faster.