Vitamin Nail Care

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Vitamin nail care

Nails need a substantial dose of vitamins if they are to be healthy and beautiful. If you notice darkening and/or excessive curving of your fingernails, this is an indication that your body is deficient in vitamins from the B group. You need to increase your intake of cod liver oil and chicken eggs – they are very rich in vitamin B12.

Another effective method of dealing with this deficiency is an SPA manicure with products rich in aloe vera, jojoba and avocado oils. Aside from restoring your nails to health, they will also benefit the skin of your hands.

It is common knowledge that the condition of your nails is indicative of the health of your whole body, so if your nails are giving you trouble, this can be a sign of a more general health issue. Protect your nails from infections and trauma, nurture them regularly with vitamin cocktails and they will be healthy and beautiful.

Keratin is one of the key nail ingredients. It makes nails healthy and strong, forms their texture and color and protects them from harsh environmental conditions. Vitamins play a significant role in the formation of Keratin and their lack can lead to many problems – fragility, dryness, discoloration, roughness, etc.

Here is how vitamins affect the nails.

Vitamin E improves nail surface and strength.

Vitamin A deficiency may lead to fragility and dryness of the nails and suspends their growth.

Deficiency of any of the B vitamins is the reason behind the formation of vertical and horizontal furrows on the nail surface. Without vitamin B12 the nails become brittle, darken and eventually curve. Lack of B vitamins can also enhance bacterial and fungal infections.

Vitamin C deficiency dries the nails and advances the formation of cuticle flakes.

You can obtain the daily amounts of these vitamins with a healthy diet, which contains a variety of nutrients and minerals. Vitamin E can also be used in a balm for nail treatment or as a nutritional supplement.

Minerals also have a great importance in nail health (especially iron and zinc) and so do amino acids. They influence not just nail growth, but also hair growth and skin health.