What Your Manicure and Nails Say About You

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Short nails which have obviously been bitten are unseemly, yet frequent in ladies with low self-esteem. People who are in the habit of biting their nails are often nervous, irritable, short-tempered folk who are dealing with self-esteem issues.

Short well-kept nails speak of a woman who is concerned with her looks but is no slave to fads and fashion. Usually she will paint her nails in darker tones or choose French manicure whenever she wants to look business-like. These women are calm, good-natured, humble, dedicated to their family and children. They are sincere and open in their intimate relationships and require the same sincerity and openness in their partner. It is very hard for them to forgive and get over lies and cheating.

Long nails are the nails of a true femme fatale. They are a mark for high self-esteem and confidant individuality. This woman does not care about popular opinion, she simply waves it away.

Extremely long nails are evidence that the woman is prone to extreme in every respect, while a more temperate length reveals a woman who is moderate and considerate. In love, women with long nails are passionate and sensual.


A lady with a preference for black nail polish is a rebel, has a lot of energy and strives to be well informed.

Red nail polish reveals a fiery woman, a fighter, a passionate lover. This lady is not afraid of challenges; she is curious, intelligent and impatient.

Pastel tones are used by humble women devoted to their families. They are quick to forget their own needs; they will always listen and comfort you. They are excellent mothers.

White nail polish and French manicure are a sign for the innovative woman. She is quick-witted and reacts on instinct but she needs a man who will make her feel exceptional. She is also a contained, business-like woman who is good at judging situations.