4 Ways How To Whiten Your Yellow Nails At Home

Nails may turn yellow due to various causes, but two of the most common are smoking and the repeated, regular application of nail polish.

If you suffer from yellow nails, try one of these home remedies to restore them to their bright, beautiful whiteness.

1. Real Lemon Juice


2. Denture Tablets


Denture tablets are formulated to keep dentures white and bright, and they can do the same for nails! Simply dissolve the tablets in water according to the directions on the package, and soak your fingernails in the water for a few minutes. Repeat this treatment every day until you have the bright, white nails you desire.

3. Light Buffing


Lightly buffing your fingernails can remove some discoloration from the nails. It also improves blood circulation in the area, which promotes healthy nail growth. However, this process must be undertaken with care.

Be sure you’re using a high-quality buffing tool, and buff in only one direction. Buffing your nails too often or incorrectly can make them weaker, and broken nails are far worse than discolored nails.

4. Whitening Pencils


Did you know that there were pencils just for making the tips of your fingernails whiter? Look for them in your neighborhood pharmacy or discount store, near the other fingernail care products. They are easy to use, effective, and inexpensive.