5 Reasons Of Cracked Nails and How to Stop Nails From Cracking

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5 Reasons Of Cracked Nails and How to Stop It

How to deal with the problem of cracked nails

Beautiful nails which are regularly cared for always inspire admiration. If nail care is not consistent, the nails soon become fragile and start breaking or cracking.

What can cause cracking of the nails?

1. The main and most widespread reason for nail cracks is the unhealthy diet. Your daily menu should include foods rich in vitamins C, A and B12 as well as minerals such as calcium. Often cracking is induced by a deficiency of iron and biotin, which you can supply by consuming more bananas, mushrooms and egg yolk.

2. Another reason for cracking is that the nails do not get enough moisture. This is usually typical for people also suffering from extremely dry skin. To alleviate this problem make sure to regularly hydrate your hands and nails with moisturizing products.


You can also use essential oils by placing presoaked cotton balls on your nails for a few minutes 2 or 3 times every day.

3. One more reason can be found in improper nail care. Your nail care must be based on educated decisions which take into consideration your skin and nail type, because otherwise in an effort to improve your nails, you may actually harm them.

4. Menopause is another source of nail cracking, since it brings many changes in the female body, one of which is decreasing the strength of the nail plates.

5. And of course last but not least – never bite your nails. If they need a trim or a quick fix, use the proper tools. Never try to smooth out a broken nail with your teeth.