Are Nail Polish Removers Dangerous?

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Are nail polish removers dangerous?

Nail polish remover does not only have unpleasant smell, but also a few just as unpleasant side-effects. Popular opinion states that nail polish removers which do not contain acetone are harmless.

Unfortunately, even without this destructive element in the list of their contents, nail polish cleansing products may contain other chemicals which are harmful for us as well as the environment. This also goes for the products containing aloe, vitamin E and other beneficial extracts.


Latest studies done on different brands of non-acetone nail polish removers show that there still is a danger. Many of them are found to contain acetone replacement substances, which are even more harmful than acetone itself. One such example is methanol, which is dangerous to humans and the environment in much smaller doses than acetone.

Inhaling large amounts of acetone can cause irritation of the respiratory tract and eyes, cough, dizziness, headaches, depression and insomnia. Methanol exposure is even more dangerous and can lead to blindness, coma and death.

Taking this into consideration, ladies who wish to take good care of their manicure should give careful thought to what nail polish removal products they are selecting. Always read labels and never forget to wash your hands after each use.